Keyo Surfboards’ Digital Space


Following a conversation after a surf, I was entrusted by long time friend, and surfboard shaper Johnny Gill with creating the digital space the surfboard manufacturing brand Keyo.


What made this more than a simple matter of throwing together some imagery, is that Keyo has been a family owned, and run business for almost 60 years. Johnny is son-in-law to the original shaper, Denny Keogh, and proudly upholds the family values of honesty, authenticity, and progression through design in the alternative, and classic longboard surfing scene. Steeped in historical significance, Keyo is synonymous with Australian Surf culture and was a pivotal brand in the short board revolution in the 60’s and 70s, changing the way surfboards are shaped and ridden today. 

As a visual communication project, the Keyo website sought to distill and present the essence of the brand, and the Keogh-Gill family. The site acts as a digital space, with the primary objective to communicate brand values and culture, board shapes, and canvas products, whilst also functioning as an online-store. For this project I relied heavily on the Adobe CC software, for the creation of initial wire frame concepts, as well as content creation, and photograph editing.

One of the main objectives of this project was to build the website in a way that I could ‘hand over’ maintenance to Johnny. For this reason squarespace was selected as the engine.  This is a continued project, as I am still managing content, product and email campaigns.