Displace was the ‘major project’ completed during the University of Technology Sydney Honours degree. The product was accompanied by an extensive research and process book, detailing the conceptual development of the work, as well as the making of the product.

This artefact is an embodiment of a practice based research methodology, that invites critical reflection upon the users perception of Indigenous culture. By drawing inspiration from a rich cultural understanding I seek to create a truly Australian artefact that is born of both ancient and contemporary influence.

The form communicates a complex convergence of symbolic materiality, innovative joinery methods, and a design aesthetic that seeks to represent not only Australia’s colonial history, but also the incredible richness of indigenous culture. The project invites a questioning by the user,  who then, through further engagement with the  projects underpinnings, may leave with some shift in their understanding of Indigenous culture. This I believe represents the social potential for decolonising design within contemporary objects.