Cast Stool

Whilst conducting form development experiments for the Displace stool, an aerated concrete product ‘Heble’ was used to in place of the sandstone. Significantly cheaper, lighter and easier to work, this gave opportunity to prototype form, and prove concept as the design took shape.

Having no real structure, the Heble prototypes quickly crumbled and degraded, leaving the bringht, shiny pewter skeleton in it’s place. Further exploring this manufacturing proces, this stool is the frst of a series of experiments, that seek to develop forms that could not be created through any other production method.

Cavities are drilled into the timber, to allow the molten pewter to form complex cast geometries, forever linking the two materials. As with the Displace project, pewter was sorced from a scrap metal recyclery, in the form of decorative plates, comemmorative mugs, and other capsules of nostalgia, that are then are melted down and cast into this new form. This cycle can continue, with any surplus metal, or failed castings being re-melted for the next iteration.

materials : heble, tasmanian oak, recycled pewter.