A Celebration of Sand

This project was self initiated while working at Axolotl, who’s production facilities include a glass forming kiln. Through extended, informal discussion with the in-house glass technician Dutch glass artist Hans DeKeyser, I wanted to further understand the point at which heated glass softens, and becomes elastic.

The plates’ form is a direct response to the sandstone erosion patterns that is are so iconic to the Sydney coastline. Using a combination of slump forming, into the glass kiln’s sand bed, and sand-blasting to soften the form, it is as if the plate had spent years tumbling through the ocean foor and were discovered on a beach in that way.

In this sense, I do not feel that I designed this collection of plates, but rather uncovered a story that told itself, with each process and design decision, already being made before I realised.

materials : reused scrap glass.

This project was entered in the Cult x Mercedes Benz Design award, and was awarded an Honourable Mention. Broadsheet has since published the piece, click here for the full article.

All images shot by Steven Woodburn for Broadsheet